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We all know the cliché  “God has a plan for everything” but it’s usually uttered as a means to calm someone or explain away something we believe is unexplainable. Rarely is it followed up with an action item or a desire to understand what that plan is, what it means, and how we can be a part of it. God calls us to be a part of His plans, not simply spectators in this ever-changing world. We need to realize that we’ve been recognized in His plans, His grace, and His glory.

Throughout my entire life I’ve always had a plan for myself. I’ve had goals established and mapped out the steps necessary to achieve them; any detours along the way were going to be my decision and mine alone. That is, until God threw me a curveball and diverted my attention and direction towards serving Him in Haiti. I visited Haiti on a whim because of the cancellation of a previously planned trip and on the suggestion of my friends. After visiting Haiti, and witnessing it’s beauty, I felt an even stronger urge from God nudging me to trust Him and realize His path for me and abandon my own. The love, joy, and heartbreak I saw and experienced in Haiti drew me closer to God and I wanted to be able to contribute whatever and whenever I could. My experiences in Haiti have taught me more than I could ever hope to even begin explaining, but above all God instilled in me the need and desire to trust His plan and not my own. I am beyond excited and humbled to return to Haiti and witness first hand God’s glory and grace.

I leave for Haiti in exactly one month, and I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity. I will serve as the Job Creation LTM focusing on leveraging resources to help create economic opportunities and mobility in the community. By focusing on jobs, skills, and discipleship we hope to keep the family structure strong and give parents the chance to care for their kids. I’ll be updating about what I’m up to in Haiti right here at this website. I hope this place serves as a good place to connect and share with you. Feel free to shoot me e-mails, Facebook messages, or whatever the kids are doing these day if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for all the prayers, encouragement, and financial support. I’m truly blessed. Glwa pou Bondye [Glory to God]

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