About Jake

Currently sitting at the ripe age of 25 years old, I’ve decided I’ve seen enough Minnesota winters and it’s time to become a snowbird and move out to Haiti, or at least for the next two years. I love running and hiking with my dog Charlie [who I will miss terribly], taking photos [of everything but my food], and traveling the world [as much as my withering wallet will allow]. Graduated from Concordia University St. Paul with a business degree and have always been interested in the business and marketing world since a young age [Seriously, I used to sell my used and beat-up Beanie Babies to my siblings. Gotta do whatcha gotta do]. I also love just hanging out and relaxing with friends and family. Below you can read a little bit more on how I stumbled across Haiti and how God wrote it into my life.


Throughout my entire life I’ve always had a plan for myself. I’ve had goals established and mapped out the steps necessary to achieve them; any detours along the way were going to be my decision and mine alone. That is, until God threw me a curveball and diverted my attention and direction towards serving Him in Haiti. I visited Haiti on a whim because of the cancellation of a previously planned trip and on suggestion of my friends. After visiting Haiti, and witnessing it’s beauty, I felt an even stronger urge from God nudging me to trust Him and His path for me rather than my own. The love, joy, and heartbreak I saw and experienced in Haiti drew me closer to God and I wanted to be able to contribute whatever and whenever I could. My experiences in Haiti have taught me more than I could ever hope to even begin explaining, but above all God instilled in me the need and desire to trust His plan and not my own. I am beyond excited and humbled to return to Haiti and witness first hand God’s glory and grace. Click Here to Support JakeHHJUNE - 206


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