Healing Haiti

The organization I will be working with is Healing Haiti . Visit their website to learn more, donate, or even go on a trip and visit me in Haiti!



Why do we exist? (Purpose)
The world is a better place when families are strengthened.

What we do. 
We are a Christ centered ministry. We leverage resources to elevate and unify Haitian families…so that, the cycle of poverty is broken and the fabric of the community is strengthened.

What do we want to achieve over time?
People to know Jesus.
Unified Families with the means to care for themselves.
To care for each other as family where no family exists.

How are we going to achieve our Mission and Vision? (Strategies)
By providing opportunities for Haitians to pursue personal, spiritual and economic development.
Lead life changing mission trips.

What are our actions?

Faith: We strive to live our faith and share who Jesus is.

Family: We believe in God’s design for the family and that children should be raised within the family structure.

Elevate & Empower: We believe in being in relationship with and not doing for Haitians what they can do for themselves. We value job creation, education and the local Church as tools to elevate and empower others to achieve their God-given potential.